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Garden Color

July 19, 2009

Summer has finally arrived in New Hampshire. It is still a little cool, especially at night, but the past few days have been beautiful. My vegetable garden is finally showing signs I might have something to harvest. There is lots of color in my yard. Here are a few pictures I took yesterday:


The fish are happy and healthy.


Stunning color.


I love coriopsis.


Hummingbirds love beebalm.


And everyone loves roses.

I would love to be able to work and play in my garden all day. Unfortunately that is not going to happen. I love my job but work is stressful and I am not sure my job is very secure. Midwives have been marginalized all over the country, and my small corner of the world is no exception. Women do not have a choice who attends their birth because physicians and administrators do not see the value of our presence. I hope the Obama administration is seriously looking at nurses – specifically advanced practice nurses like midwives and nurse practitioners – as a big part of the solution to the failing health care system in this country. I know he talks about nurses and nurse practitioners, but will we be big players in the reform? The AMA has a big financially back voice and they see us as competition and a threat to their salaries. CNMs and NPs keep people healthy and out of the hospital with preventative health care, we are more cost effective because we do less invasive and unnecessary labs/tests/procedures, and we consistently receive good “scores” in patient satisfaction. I am just baffled as to why administrators of health care systems choose not to see this.

Enough with the rant, but I will come back to it.

Here is a cute story. I was seeing a woman for her six week postpartum visit and she was there with her baby and her three year old, who came to most of her prenatal visits and was very involved in the visits (I like to have the siblings help me listen to the baby). When I was finished with the exam and his mother sat up, he asked if I was all done. I said yes. He then said “You didn’t listen to the heart beat.” 

“It is worth noting that the primary cause of workplace burnout is not the amount of time working, but whether the work you did can make a difference.” Penelope Trunk



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