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February 26, 2009

I am a little frustrated. I was knitting my February Ladies Sweater on my KnitPicks Options needles when a cord come apart at the join, not where it screws in but where the plastic attaches to the metal. I changed the cord and after a while it happened again. This is so disconcerting because then I have to pick up the stitches that fell off the cord. In lace, for me, that is not easy. I then switched to the only other size 8 circular I had which was wooden. Not a good idea – dull tip. Soooooo. I stopped and bought a size 8 AddiTurbo 40 inch. I am much happier now.

Here is something that happened to me while I was attending a woman in labor. This woman came in in active labor, 8 cm, with her first baby. She was from Sudan, although has lived in this country for a number of years and had a good command of the English language. Her labor progress fast and she was soon pushing. She only pushed a total of 1 hour, but when she was just about crowning, she said “I can’t push anymore, I want the surgery.” THE SURGERY!!!!!!!!!

That says a lot for our culture. And the fact that the C/S rate in this country is pushing 40%. Shameful.

By the way. A few minutes later she push out her howling son.

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” Mother Teresa



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