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January 20, 2009

I am working on the Swallowtail Shawl (which really isn’t a shawl – more like a scarf). I was going along nicely when I hit the nupps…………….. It took me awhile to get over the purl 5 issue and now I think I am going along fine. I can no longer carry it with me because I need to pay attention to each row.

I finally blocked and added the fringe to my Montego Bay scarf. Here is a picture (it is hard to take a picture of a long scarf):



 I also made another Fidget. My friend, Debbie, liked the one I made but wanted it in black. She also loved the alpaca buttons, which I harvested from mine to put on hers.




I thought I would look at my “resolutions” for 2008 and see where I stand. As I said in that post, I usually do not make resolutions but I did anyway.

  1. David and I will probably buy a couple of Alpacas this year. We own a 1/3 share of a male but want to get 1 or 2 females. Our ultimate goal is to have a farm of our own, but that probably will not happen this year with the housing market what it is (we could buy something but then not sell out current house). So we will board (agist) on my friends farm. We actually sold our share of Midas. It was purely a business decision. We still hope to buy a piece of property so we can raise our own. We will have to see what happens to the economy.
  2. Learn to knit a moebius. Did not do.
  3. Try my hand at dying. This I did do. And love it. I dyed alpaca yarns. I want to continue this. I also took the class with Lynne Vogel last sumemr and learned a lot.
  4. Spin more. This did not really happen. I have spun more since January 1st though, so maybe 2009 will be the year I actually spin more.
  5. I would love to get two Angora Rabbits. This kind of goes along with number one.
  6. Knit a cabled project bigger than a hat. Nope. If you look at my previous post, I remembered saying I would knit a bigger lace project, which I am doing. Cables – no.
  7. Open an Etsy shop to sell alpaca roving and yarn. I did this AND opened an online store (I guess you call it a dot com). Jury is still out on success of both of these.
  8. Submit one design to a publishing source. Nope
  9. Have a more successful vegetable garden this summer Nope – there was so much to do last summer, and I ended up working extra to cover maternity leaves and vacations – excuses, excuses, excuses.
  10. Accept and live with the major changes in my current job (I will post about this in the near future). I guess yes. I am not happy with the changes in my current job but I am going to work every day. I still do want to post about this, the bitterness is less so now is probably the time.

So what did I learn? I think having goals is important, but maybe more attainable ones. I am not going to make any “resolutions’ this year except for one: I want to find happiness and joy in every day. It may be a small thing but I will find it.

Today the joy I found was hugging a 6 week old baby.

“Mind is everything; muscles are mere pieces of rubber. All that I am, I am because of my mind.” Paavo Nurmi.


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