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It’s Summer!

June 8, 2008

After a cool, raining week in New Hampshire, this weekend has been hot and humid. I had a chance to work in my garden last weekend, planting annuals and cleaning up some of the flower beds in the front of my house, weeding and pruning. So the rain was welcome, everything is so green now. I picked up some vegetable plants yesterday and I plan to get out there to plant them this morning. There is an old wives farmers tail that you should not plant until after the full moon in June because there is still a chance for a frost. The full moon is not until the 18th, but I think I’m safe to plant. I still have a few more pots to plant with annuals, too.

 Here is a picture from my back yard:

As I said in a previous post, we have a lot of damage in the yard from flooding . We have a brook that runs right behind the house, in fact our lower deck comes within about a foot of the brook. We have put a lot of work in and around the brook, with stone and plantings, and there is a large flat stone over the brook for a bridge. Rushing water is a powerful thing. It has moved large boulders, redirected the brook in some ways and eroded away soil. The bridge needs to be lifted and reset. And one corner of the deck has shifted off the support so that will need repair. I can do a lot of the work, but for this big stuff, we will need to have someone come in and do it.

There is a new baby at the farm:

She looks like she is smiling. That is her mom behind her.

I have been knitting on the  Laguna Blouse. I have about 1.5 inches left of the left side of the front. Then I do a 3-needle bind off for the shoulders. I guess after I do that I’ll block it before picking up the neck edge. I never know what to do in this situation. It needs to be blocked but with the shoulder stitches on stitch-holders it is hard to do. It looks nice, I just hope it is not too big. If it is I’ll follow Lucy Neatby’s advise. She says to make a bigger seam and cut off the excess fabric! Scary as it sounds, it evidently works.

Even though I still have the Landscape Shawl and the Modern Log Cabin Blanket on the needles, I have been thinking about what I want to cast on next. I have some hand painted silk in a fingering weight and have been thinking about making a Shape It! Scarf from Sally Melville’s Book 1 of the Knitting Experience series. I think it will look great and be an easy carry-around project.

I am still adding new product to my my website. Please visit.

i Thank You God for most

this amazing

day: for the leaping greenly spirits

of trees

and a blue true dream of sky; and

for everything

which is natural which is infinite

which is yes

e.e. cummings


Go out and enjoy the day.



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